Technology Seed is celebrating 15 years in business, and with more years of experience comes more clientele. We take pride in hiring staff that are not only technically skilled, but also great at working with our clients in a personable way to come up with creative solutions to their IT issues. This month we would like to take time to introduce the newest member of the Technology Seed Team, Josh Lewis.

joshWe are known for our exceptional customer service, so we knew if someone has a background in IT Support on a college campus they would definitely be able to handle our customer questions, especially in the education sector. That background made Josh a natural fit! Not only is Josh well-versed in help desk assistance, but he also has experience with network support and telecommunications support for corporate organizations. When Josh isn’t assisting customers he can be found playing guitar or recording songs. Here at Technology Seed we definitely enjoy rocking out to music during the day so I am sure Josh’s musical expertise will be put to good use!

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