On Wednesday, May 20th, Technology Seed traveled to the Boys & Girls Club of Salem, NH for a presentation about IT. The students were very excited about being able to interact with the 3D printer and HP Sprout. The students loved getting hands on with some cutting edge technology.

boys-girls-club-present1The students enjoyed getting their questions answered during the presentation portion of the event.

boys-girls-club-kneeSince 3D printing is currently all over the media for its medical uses the students loved seeing the model of the 3D knee.

boys-girls-club-3d-printerThe fan favorite was seeing the 3D printer in action. Students were excited to learn about the anatomy of 3D printed items and see how the printer went from PLA “spaghetti” to a 3D figure.

boys-girls-club-sproutAfter the 3D printer the students were able to interact with the HP Sprout. They would take pictures and turn them into interactive puzzles to solve.

Overall, this presentation was all about the hands-on experience. We enjoyed not only being able to share our expertise about technology, but also hear what students are exposed to and learn in school. To our surprise many of the students had seen 3D printers when they took tours of Salem High School!

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