IT Compliance Audits

Did you know? On average it takes 80 days to detect a breach and 123 days to fully resolve.

Technology Seed’s team of IT security specialists, is able to find flaws in data security both in your IT system and the office environment. We offer services including HIPAA compliance audits, PCI compliance audits and IT compliance audits.


HIPAA IT ComplianceTechnology Seed performs HIPAA compliance audits to both the internal IT system and the general office environment. During internal IT compliance audits vulnerability scans are performed to find breaches in the network infrastructure. Office scans are done in-person and aim to find vulnerabilities in file management, and breaches where individuals could access patient records through physical means.


We can assist your healthcare organization with Meaningful Use compliance. Strategy, implementation, testing and ongoing auditing are skills that we can bring to your organization. We are familiar with and work with most of the popular EHR/EMR programs and can provide our expertise to your organization.


PCI Compliance is a security standard for any organization that accepts credit cards. Technology Seed performs PCI compliance audits through vulnerability scans which locate breaches in payment card processing and card data management.


Our in-depth procedures include an audit of the internal and external IT systems and the general office environment.

The External IT Audit deals with exposure from outside the network. For example, if we were OUTSIDE of your building and not plugged into your network, what type of exposure do you have? The external IT audit will look for security issues that are accessible from outside the network.

The audit results will include, at least:

  1. A list of running services and open ports on the public IP addresses.
  2. An Analysis of security risks of each service.
  3. Results of well-known exploit attempts against each service.
  4. Baseline of publically available information showing possible points of intrusion.


The Internal IT Audit documents security concerns inside your building (or from remote users with authorized access).  The audit will look for security holes/security issues that are accessible from the LAN side of the network.

The audit results will include, at least:

  1. A list of available network devices.
  2. A list of available internal services.
  3. Results of well-known vulnerabilities against those services.
  4. Testing outbound traffic rules from inside the network.
  5. Testing common OS vulnerabilities internally.
  6. Testing for unauthenticated services and file shares.

We can also help your organization develop and meet the guidelines of Written Information Security Procedures (WISP). A WISP helps keep your business and your employees in-tune with best practices for maintaining IT security.

Technology Seed serves customers all over New England including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.


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I just want to take a moment to thank you for all the great assistance that we have received since we decided to use Technology Seed as our IT company.

Your employees are courteous and go above to help us understand our issues.

Today we had Matt with us for a good portion of the time going through and clearing our machines. Our employees are impressed with the number of different people that have stopped by to assist us in bringing the computers to a working level.

Keeping everyone happy and satisfied with the tools they need to run the business smoothly is a wonderful experience.

Thank you to you and your wonderful team.

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