Technology Seed has the privilege of working with many educational institutions including Hampstead Academy, Kiddie Academy, Birches Academy, and many more. We love not only working with these clients, but also love going into the schools and speaking with students of all grade levels about the future of careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields.

On Tuesday, April 21st, we had the opportunity to speak with Hampstead Academy students’ grade 6 through 8. The discussion was lively and students enjoyed learning about 3D printers and the HP Sprout.

The presentations began with Kyle Scofield, IT Manager, explaining careers that incorporated IT, and also the paths students can take in high school and college to achieve these careers.


The students enjoyed hearing about the different careers, and also the discussion about how some unsuspecting careers involved the use of Technology. One career field that was a big hit was fashion designing, and how the future of fashion accessories will involve the use of wearable technology.

Not only did students enjoy the discussion about the different fields that use 3D printers, but they also enjoyed seeing the 3D printer in action.


This class printed a finger and discussed how the future of 3D printing will be utilized in the healthcare field including the printing of prosthetics, dentistry, and casting.

Along with the 3D printer the students also enjoyed interacting with the HP Sprout. This group of students had a passion for the music industry. The sprout has a built-in DJ application which allowed the students to create their own mix tapes and music demos.

wcs_stem fair_3.4.15.pic 3 (2)

Overall, the presentations were a success for everyone involved. It was great for the students to not only discuss their future career desires, but also gave them a chance to see first-hand how technology is incorporated in a variety of field, not just IT!

This event made the NEWS! Check out TriTown Times to hear from the students perspective.