Cloud Migration: How Do I Move My Desktop to the Cloud?

The Cloud Migration concept is simple: Moving your desktop to the cloud simply means that your desktop “experience” – your icons, your programs, your documents – are stored on a server outside of your building. Want to run Microsoft Excel? You click the Excel icon. Running QuickBooks? Click the icon.

You see your exact same desktop regardless of which device you use. Using a tablet? iPad? Laptop? Smartphone? If your computer is hosted in the cloud you see the exact same desktop from all of your devices. You see the same programs, same files, same email, etc.

How do we move your desktop to the cloud?

We recreate your computer desktop on a server in the cloud. Once it’s created and configured for your unique profile, you’re done. You can begin to access and work off of that desktop from any device. Any documents you create or store will be instantly accessible across all of your devices. There’s no need to wait for synchronization and no need to connect to a VPN.