TOPIC: Business Continuity with Server Replication

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The Issue

server-copy-long1-2Customer had 1 physical server running 3 virtual servers. Those 3 virtual servers contained all their company data. Since they are housed on 1 physical server, an issue with that 1 piece of physical hardware could take down all 3 virtual servers.

Downtime for this company was estimated to cost them $4,500/Hour.

Customer asked us to improve their chances of avoiding future server downtime.

The Fix

Technology Seed introduced the customer to server replication.

Server replication requires a second physical server of similar specs as the original one. We spec’d out and purchased a capable second server and connected it to their network. Using Windows Server 2012 R2, we configured the old server to replicate all data to the new server. An exact image/sync of the old server was copied to the new server.

We scheduled replication to occur every 5 minutes. The result is duplicated servers. If the old server fails, the new server takes over. At worst, the data on the new server will be 5 minutes old.

The Cost

The solution presented is economical for most companies. In most cases, it requires a new server of similar specs to the old one and a copy of Windows Server 2012 R2.  Total labor is about 12 hours. Alternatively, you could host the mirrored server in the cloud as opposed to keeping the mirrored server in-house.

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