Technology Seed Team

We believe in working hard and we recognize the importance of a great team. We couldn’t do the work we do without our incredibly talented and dedicated staff. There is a definite “synergy” in our company that’s difficult to explain, but essential to the way we work.



Kurt Simione


Kurt started Technology Seed, LLC in June, 2000. Kurt is involved in most aspects of the business, including the “roll-up-your-sleeves” work. At his core, he’s a troubleshooter and enjoys the challenges that IT work brings. Kurt’s been known to catch a Bruin’s game with his kids from time to time.

Erin Simione

Erin Simione

Co-Owner / Graphic Designer

Erin has a degree in Psychology with an eye for design. She creates and publishes catalogs, advertising pieces, and marketing material for several customers. Truly, she has the toughest job in the company – she’s married to Kurt.

Operations Team

Our Team

Alex Iby


Alex IS Marketing.

He brings his experience in modern marketing to Technology Seed where he’s proven to be a super-creative/professional/hard-working member of our team.

Off work, Alex is one of our many outdoors-peeps. He’s also heavy into art, music, and movies.

Elyse Abraham

Elyse Abraham

Scheduling & Purchasing Manager

Though she wears many hats, Elyse has one main job, and she does it very well. As service requests come into the company, Elyse schedules the job to be completed in the most efficient manner possible. She’s in charge of where we’re going and when we’ll get there. We talk with her all day long and she makes adjustments to the schedule as needed. She keeps things fluid, but consistent which works exceedingly well for us and our customers.

When we have bad dreams at night, she’s usually in them.

Kimberly Connell

Account Manager

We were looking for a talented professional to fill an open Account Manager position, and boy did we find the right one! Kim brings with her 15 years of business experience in Network Services, and a BA in Corporate Systems from Boston College. Out of work Kim owns a face painting company that works with children’s parties, corporate events, and individual requests!

Lea Signori


Lea is much more than the inviting, smiling face you see when you walk into our office. She is an experienced and detail-oriented professional. She has strong organizational skills and her 10 years in Customer Service help her provide the incredible level of support that our customers expect.

At home, Lea enjoys running, writing and craft beers.

Nancy Salenas

Nancy Salenas


Nancy is our accountant and the only Technology Seed employee who’s seen Led Zeppelin live.

She’s part-time, but effectively squeezes full-time work into a shortened week. Nancy has helped Technology Seed since Day 1.

She won’t let us spend any money. Ever.

Our Fantastic IT Team

Kyle Scofield

Kyle Scofield

V.P. of Operations

Kyle moved to New Hampshire from Arizona in 2010 and tries hard to convince us that there is a world outside of New England. While some of us still have our doubts, none of us doubt his IT skill-set. Kyle is well-versed in most things IT-related. He rarely says “I don’t know” and when he does, it’s short-lived.

As V.P. of Operations, he oversees the entire technical staff and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company.


Mark McLaughlin

Team Leader / Senior Tech

Mark brings a huge mass of knowledge to Technology Seed and we’re fortunate to work with him each day.

He’s as comfortable and skilled with wiring and cabling as he is with any networking, server, or cloud-based task. A true professional and all-around-great-guy, Mark is 100% charismatic and fits in well everywhere.

As a team leader, Mark manages and trains a team of technicians.


Michael Spurr

Project Manager, Security Expert

Mike is our do-all, never-say-die specialist. He tackles whatever is thrown at him – and we throw quite a bit at him. He picks up new technologies very fast and asks for more.

Mike is a well-organized Project Manager with a specialty dealing with security-related project.

Adam Lefavor

I.T. Specialist

Adam’s an electronic wizard. : )   LCDs, Home/Car Audio, Home Theater etc.

It’s this wizardry that makes him so good at what he does. At its core, IT requires fantastic troubleshooters. Adam’s got a knack for that!

Andrew Purington

I.T. Specialist

Andrew can do what most people outside of a major city can’t do – he can walk to work in under 2 minutes!

7 years in the U.S. Army and an ongoing education allow Andrew to use buzzwords like: Combat Lifesaving, Military Police School, Highest Honors, Perfect Attendance, and Dean’s List. He has his associates in IT/Computer Network Systems and he’s currently working through his Bachelor’s in Information Security Systems.

Professionally, he’s worked I.T. in the public and private sector handling everything from Help Desk support to Network troubleshooting.

Anthony Toscano

I.T. Specialist

While Anthony pursues his degree in Information Technology Networking, he’s working full time at Technology Seed to further his real-world experience. He certainly has his hands full, but never misses a beat.

Anthony is a fantastic representative of the kind of employee our customers request: hardworking, intelligent and professional.

Brady McNeill

Brady McNeill

I.T. Specialist / Special Projects

Brady is a 2015 graduate of Salem High School who began at Technology Seed as an intern. He’s our over-achiever and we love him for it! At Salem HS, Brady was the Computer Lab Manager where he redesigned a 20 computer network from the ground-up, including a Windows XP to Windows 7 migration. Brady is a quick learner and we expect and encourage big things from him!

And when Apple comes out with something new – anything new – you can be sure that “early-adopter” Brady will have it before you do!


Brian Flory

I.T. Specialist

Brian is the kind of talent companies look for. He’s a customer-centric, problem-solver. Those two qualities could sum up and simplify every job description we’ve ever written.

Brian spent a few years as an automotive mechanic, so troubleshooting is in his blood. Mechanics have a methodical way of breaking down a problem into smaller pieces to understand which component is actually failing. The same troubleshooting skills work extremely well in I.T. Couple those skills with his uncanny ability to truly understand the client’s needs and you have a fantastic technician.

Cameron Cerasuolo

I.T. Specialist

Cam is a man that knows how to take care of business. He is a US Army Veteran and he likes to spend his time shooting rifles and gaming. He has seen it all in the IT field with his 10+ years of experience. Oh and one more thing, he also volunteers at a wolf sanctuary when he can!

Cassandra Lavoie

I.T. Specialist

Cassandra brings focus, organization and fantastic customer service to the team. She has a keen ability to handle any task with ease. She loves a technical challenge and her problem-solving skills are fantastic. Outside of work she enjoys playing guitar, hiking & singing.

Chris Forbes

I.T. Specialist

Chris Forbes has worked in IT since 2007 and it shows. He’s knowledgeable, patient and provides fantastic customer service. As if his experience in IT weren’t enough, Chris’ character is best appreciated as one that was developed during 6 years in the Army, including a year supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom II.

Dan Morris

I.T. Specialist

Dan Morris is one of the many reasons we have a great relationship with Salem HS! Dan started with Technology Seed as a high school senior with an interest in IT. After graduation, he started full time and immediately became a super-positive influence on the work we do.

We encourage other businesses to explore the option of hiring/training high school students for life after high school. It’s a great experience for both us and our interns as they grow from student to professional!

John Kahla

I.T. Specialist

John is one of the more energetic, motivated and driven professionals we’ve met! He’s currently seeking his BS in Computer Science with a side-order of Robotics (because, why not?).

John’s worked in I.T. since 2012 and has fantastic troubleshooting and problem-solving skills. As any I.T. tech will tell you, troubleshooting is at the core of what we do. Finding modern solutions to difficult problems is one of John’s most invaluable traits.

Jonathan Harmon

I.T. Specialist / Mentor

On Jon’s third day on the job we received our first written compliment from a customer. While we’re used to our techs attracting accolades, that’s fast. That fact alone speaks more about Jon’s work-ethic and skillset than anything I could possibly write.

On a personal level, Jon served our country (U.S.A.F.) as an Avionics Sensors Technician / Supervisor for 8 years. He has degrees in Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications and Avionics Maintenance Technology and is an outdoor enthusiast.

Jose Hernandez

I.T. Specialist

Jose is an all-around hard working member of our team. He comes in everyday with a smile on his face, and has a strong ability to communicate well with others (especially being bilingual w/ Spanish & English). He has 6+ years working in the IT field, and is originally from Brooklyn, NY. He has a positive impact on our team, and we love working with him.


Josh Lewis

I.T. Specialist / Mentor

Josh is a musician, writer and runs his own music production company. His background makes him well-suited to the personal level of I.T. support that we brag about. He’s extremely comfortable on the phone or onsite, which makes him incredibly good at what he does!

With 10+ years of I.T. experience Josh is as comfortable working on Help Desk as he is on Server projects.

Mike Brown

I.T. Specialist

Mike works hard, has a keen ability to focus and remains calm under any heavy pressure situation. He is a seasoned technician and works well with our team and our customers. He enjoys spending time with his family, as well as traveling when he can. He also enjoys coaching new scouts through leadership activities, and survival tests.

Mitch Entrekin

I.T. Specialist

If you are looking for an IT Tech who’s likely “seen it before” Mitch is your guy! He has 12+ years of experience repairing/working on computers. He brings a smile to anyone he talks to with his positive attitude and ability to focus on the problem at hand. His customer service skills and ability to please are nothing short of fantastic. Outside of the office Mitch enjoys good food, video games, as well as playing with dogs.

Nick Powell

I.T. Specialist

Having served his country for 5+ years with the U.S. Marines, Nick knows how to handle any pressure filled situation with a smile and a positive attitude. During his military service he provided IT support for helicopter units and understands the importance of doing the job right the first time. He is a perfect fit for the office as he is well-organized, positive and hard working. Outside of the office he enjoys playing poker and doing stand-up comedy.

Todd Moschetto

I.T. Specialist

Whether it be motocross, cars, or technology, Todd has a passion for high performance. He brings excitement to the office with his love for learning about technical work. When he puts his mind to a task, you can be sure that it will be done as best as it can. Todd came to TSeed upon high school graduation, and has proven to be a great part of our team!

…also wanted to say how unbelievably wonderful your guys are.  The anticipation of what needed to be done was outstanding especially since there was such chaos.  Obviously couldn’t have done it without them.  Thanks so very, very much.

Rosey W.

Waltham, MA