If you conduct any business over public Wi-Fi Hotspots (think hotels, coffee shops, etc.), you run a very real risk of giving away your information to hackers.

A few days ago an article was published about a group of hackers stealing business secrets from patrons at a hotel.

The methods they used were simple. Since public hotspots are rarely secured, the hackers changed the landing page (the page where you hit “I Agree”) to a page which installed their software (disguised as an “update”).

Once that was done, they captured usernames, passwords, etc., and had access to everything the hotel guests had accessed (bank accounts, files, email).

This hack was easy because using a public hotspot puts your computer/tablet on the same network as a hacker. Once you’re on the same network, “sniffing” traffic is easy.


How can you protect yourself over public hotspots?

When using a public hotspot, assume someone is watching over your shoulder. If you wouldn’t type it with someone over your shoulder, don’t type it on public Wi-Fi.

If you must use a public hotspot, a better (but not perfect) solution is to connect to your office over an encrypted VPN anytime you’re on a public hotspot.

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