Managed I.T. Services

Technology Seed is a Managed I.T. Service provider for businesses across New England.

Our goal is to shift the burden of I.T. services off of our customers and onto ourselves. Our customers tell us that we do this quite well. We know more about Managed I.T. Support than most others. We know how to handle the most critical problems. We understand people. We know how to communicate and when to communicate. It’s what makes us successful. It’s why we enjoy our jobs and our customers.

We don’t profit from IT problems, we PREVENT them.


Our I.T. Services revolves around our Cap Your Costs program which allows our customers to pay a predictable monthly fee for unlimited support. This program is what allows us to say “We don’t profit from problems, we PREVENT them.” Read more about CAP YOUR COSTS.

Server Virtualization And Cloud Technologies

Virtualizing saves hardware costs, maintenance costs and utility costs. There are several models (in-house, cloud, hybrid) – let us help you decide which is right for your company.

Secure IT Support

Nearly all of the work we do involves security in some way, shape or form. Whether it’s password security, smartphone security, file-permission security or physical security, the work we do is designed to adhere to industry standard best-practices. We evolve as our industry evolves.

Reliable I.T. Service and Support

Our systems rarely fail. It’s the truth. We monitor the equipment we install and we install quality equipment. Because we get paid a flat-monthly fee (see Cap Your Costs), we’re not motivated by lucrative hourly repair work. Rather, the less problems our customers have, the better it is for us and our customer.

Disaster Recover / Business Continuity / Remote Backup

Disaster Recovery has evolved from a plan to recover the I.T. portions of your business after a “disaster” to Business Continuity – keeping your business running through an outage or disaster. Instead of using Disaster Recovery (DR) to mitigate long-term business-altering disasters, DR is now focused on maintaining function through short and long-term outages. Read MORE


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I cannot tell you how happy I am to see we are up and running all within a day! Randy has really gone above and beyond. Things are going smooth and we are able to use Lytec and Lytec MD.  We cannot thank you enough!

Julie O.

Worcester, MA