Offsite Server Backup / Remote Server Backup

Looking for Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity?

Unlimited, Remote Data Backup and Offsite Server Backup that meet the requirements of HIPAA compliant organizations.

Offsite server backup includes the ability to quick-spin-up a complete virtual server for business continuity and disaster recovery.

Technology Seed provides managed, encrypted Remote Data Backup and Offsite Server Backup services. Our backup services include all of the components required for effective disaster recovery and business continuity.

The Offsite Server Backup technologies we use meet the data encryption requirements of HIPAA compliant organizations.

Our Offsite Server Backup is unlimited (no data size restrictions) for a flat monthly fee.

The backup includes Microsoft Exchange Offsite Backup AgentMicrosoft SQL Remote Backup Agent as well as Active Directory / System State backup. We can offsite backup virtual servers (Hyper-V and VMWare), as well as physical servers. Offsite backups are brick-level, image based, or both. The cost is the same.

It is a comprehensive remote server backup package that also includes the ability to spin up a complete remote server in the cloud (quick-spin) for disaster recovery.

We had a rough day Wednesday, but Mark came through like the champ that he is. I just can’t say enough about his work ethic, willingness to do what I ask of him, and the speed with which he performs. This kid is the best one you have!

Jonathan B.

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Technology Seed serves customers all over New England including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.


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