Lenovo has been known as the “gold-standard” of business laptops, and with their best-in-class keyboards and durable design it is easy to see why these devices are raved about by businesses and consumers alike. In late 2014, Lenovo pre-installed a piece of software on all new laptops called Superfish which allows for consumer products to be displayed to potential customers visually. The software was a huge disappointment for laptop users and in January 2015 was removed from future Lenovo releases. Any laptops that contained Superfish pre-loaded had the software temporary disabled while updates were being made.

Until recently, Superfish was ranked by Forbes as America’s 64th most promising company. That hype came crashing down in January 2015, weeks after the software was pulled from future Lenovo laptop releases due to a bug similar to Heartbleed. These attacks allow data, passwords, and cookies to be accessible by hackers which can cause data breaches.

While protection against this attack is still undetermined and Lenovo continues to investigate it is recommended that all individuals with Lenovo laptops take steps to remove the program.

Lenovo Laptop

However, Technology Seed customers do not need to take any action!

All Lenovo laptops purchased through Technology Seed are protected from this attack, and future attacks with our strict onboarding process. Prior to the delivery of any laptop, Technology Seed preps and removes all unnecessary software that is not directly required by the client’s business; this included Superfish. Our clients can be sure that we stay ahead of the curve and their corporate data is safe from these types of attacks.

If you have any questions about Superfish or Lenovo leave a comment below and we will answer your questions.

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