On July 29, 2015 Windows 10 was released to the world. 190 countries to be exact. Below are 5 features that make this the best release Microsoft has revealed.


Windows start screen: Photo courtesy of Microsoft blog.

Free: In the past, Microsoft has charged a fee for users to update to the latest version of Windows. This time, Windows 10 is a FREE upgrade to consumers in 190 countries. This allows all users to be on the latest, most secure version of Windows.

Secure: This new system was built with security in mind. User education is still the best defense against security threats, but now Microsoft has taken additional steps to protect you from cyber-attacks.

Search is Built In: The days of opening a web browser to search for something are gone, with Cortana built-in searching is easier than ever!

Back to the Basics: Windows 10 is bringing back the familiar Windows features you grew up with. Because is Microsoft learned anything from Windows 8.1, it was to follow the KISS method and keep things SIMPLE!


Personalization Screen: Photo courtesy of Microsoft Blog

Making things Personal: Microsoft is aiming to please, and has made Windows 10 more personal. Designed with a more intuitive user interface and with Cortana as your personal assistant you are sure to increase productivity!

To learn more about the Windows 10 release be sure to check out the Microsoft Blog! If you are interested in discussing Windows 10 for your business be sure to contact us, we love talking about the latest innovations in Technology!