Secure WiFi Solutions for Business & Education

Our wireless networking installations are fast, robust and require no monthly fees.


ROBUST WiFi: The wireless access points we install are robust and can handle hundreds of connections at a time without slowing down.

EXPANDED WIRELESS COVERAGE: Technology Seed Wi-Fi networks grow with your organization. Once the initial programming is completed for one wireless access point, adding additional WAPs to expand coverage are as simple as plugging them in. There is no configuration or customization required to expand your wifi network.

SEAMLESS WiFi ROAMING: Using the latest technologies, like zero-handoff, our WiFi access points allow you to roam seamlessly around your building or campus without dropping your wireless connection. As you move across the wifi network between access points, the wireless network seamlessly connects you to the wireless access point with the strongest signal.

WIRELESS INSTALLATION: Wireless Access Points installations can be wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted or outlet-mounted. These options allow us to configure a solution which is as visibly pleasing as it is functional.

OUTDOOR / CAMPUS WIRELESS: We can install weatherproof APs outdoors to provide service outside of your walls. Using weatherproof wireless we can “light up” entire campuses and common areas.

SECURE WiFi / ENCRYPTED WIRELESS: Adherence to the latest wireless encryption standards allows us to create a wireless network that is robust and secure. Proper wifi encryption meets the security requirements of HIPAA, PCI and other standards.


Wireless Installation

Point to Point Wireless can be used to connect buildings together via WiFi.

Point To Point Wireless

In additional to end-user wifi, we can install a fast Point to Point wireless solution to connect multiple buildings together. Easily connect multiple offices or multiple campus buildings with affordable equipment that requires no maintenance and no monthly fees. The point to point wireless connection is fully encrypted for security. Wireless solutions with speeds up to a gigabit are available.


Let’s discuss a solid, robust wireless solution for your business or school. Please call us at 603-458-7190.

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