Today, March 31st, is World Backup Day! (Yes, that’s really a thing!) In honor of this event, Technology Seed’s Owner, Kurt Simione, combined a list of tips / best practices to ensure your data is safe and ready when an emergency strikes!

Document Your Data

Backing up your data requires monitoring and management. Ideally, you want your important data on the fewest possible devices. If your data is spread across hundreds of PCs, laptops, and tablets, verifying that the data is backed up correctly is a difficult task. It is a wise decision to have servers dedicated to data storage and all important data stored on those servers, not the end-user’s devices.

Diversify Your Efforts

When companies are considering a backup plan it is essential to create a diversified strategy. There are many different options, including remote solutions, on-premise solutions, and file-level and image-based disaster recovery solutions. Using a mix of appropriate solutions allows for multiple points of protection for your data and increases the possibility of your data being restored promptly and accurately.

Restore Your Data Fast

Even though your company may have a diversified plan, it is key to know which method is the best to use to recover a single file, large databases, or an entire server. For example, if you utilize a remote backup in conjunction with a local backup, the local solution will likely yield the quickest recovery.

Restore Up-to-date Data

Data recovery is not only about being aware of the fastest restore, but also knowing where the most up-to-date data is stored. If you create a diverse strategy it is essential to know what times, days, and locations have the most up-to-date data. This allows you to efficiently locate the most current data when a restore is required.

Document Your Plan

Even if you establish a fool-proof strategy, if you do not have a documented procedure the plan can, and very likely will, fall apart in the wake of an emergency. It is recommended to document the strategy and steps to restore your data, and test the restoration process on a regular schedule. If you participate in routine testing you can be sure that when disaster strikes you are confident in your procedures and you increase the likelihood that the restoration will be 100% successful.

Data Backup is an essential part of a business plan, and preparing for the worst-case scenario should be thought of every day, not just on World Backup Day. If you would like to learn more about Technology Seed’s data recovery services contact us at