Reassuring IT Security Audit

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A problem with the security of your network invites fraud, theft, malice, ransomware and fines.


Sometimes the measures you thought were protecting your network aren’t as impenetrable as you were led to believe. How do you tell?

A Technology Seed security audit verifies that the people that promised to protect your network are living up to their end of the bargain.


EXTERNAL IT SECURITY AUDIT: Focus on internet security

We use Penetration Tests (commonly called PenTests), software/firmware audits (to detect outdated/unpatched software) as well as “security awareness.”

Security awareness audits the ability of your users to distinguish good email from bad email that contains malware, or fraudulent instructions to wire money.


INTERNAL IT SECURITY AUDIT: Focus on the equipment sitting next to you in your office.

An internal audit will tell you that your guest WiFi is not properly separated from the company WiFi. It may find that your wireless encryption adheres to 10-year-old standards and is easily penetrated with current technology.

It will also report whether:

  • Antivirus is running on every PC on your network.
  • One of your employees plugged in a wireless hotspot under their desk to make their own insecure wireless network called “Ed’s Café”.
  • One of your users is using 3x the internet bandwidth of all your others. And for what reason.
  • Any users on your network have administrative rights.
  • Complex passwords are in use.
  • The wrong employees have access to the “Accounting” folder.


You should consider some type of audit of your I.T. systems at least yearly. The days of being able to shrug and say, “I didn’t know!” are over. As business-people, it’s not enough to hire the right people. It’s imperative that we verify, test, remediate and maintain.

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