Are you Reasonable?

Are you Reasonable?

Are you Reasonable About IT and CyberSecurity? If you’re in business, chances are you need to meet some compliance standard with a bunch of letters or numbers in it. Think HIPAA, PCI, NIST 171 etc. We could discuss each in depth, but you wouldn’t make it to the end of...
Are you Reasonable?

The Largest IT Security Risk: YOU

It’s our fault. Me, you, the people to our left and right. Let’s accept that most (or all?!?) of the I.T. breaches you hear about are caused by us. We clicked the wrong thing in the wrong email and installed ransomware. We wired money from our business checking...
Are you Reasonable?

WannaCry Ransomware / EASY TO AVOID

Hospitals have been shut down.

The ones actively operating on sick people.

How does this happen?

Because those hospitals LET IT HAPPEN.

We could engage in a discussion about the people doing this, but that doesn’t help.

Let’s instead look at how the heck hospitals LET THIS HAPPEN.

Are you Reasonable?

Centralized Wireless Access Point (WAP) Management

We recently worked with a customer that had an efficiency issue with how their wireless network was setup.

The customer was an east coast marine company and had over 100+ Access Points (APs) at 17 ports.  The issue was with the previous installation of the wireless network; they had to manually configure APs individually every time they made a change. This might be feasible if there are 2 or 3 different locations, but not 100 APs over 17 ports!

Are you Reasonable?

TOPIC: Business Continuity with Server Replication

The Issue

Customer had 1 physical server running 3 virtual servers. Those 3 virtual servers contained all their company data. Since they are housed on 1 physical server, an issue with that 1 piece of physical hardware could take down all 3 virtual servers.

Downtime for this company was estimated to cost them $4,500/Hour.

Customer asked us to improve their chances of avoiding future server downtime.