Cloud Server Strategy & Migration

Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Office 365 Cloud Server Deployment and Migration

Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Server Migration


Technology Seed has a comprehensive cloud server strategy for companies looking to move their business to the cloud.

Our unique approach provides secure, reliable access to your IT from any place, on any device. As a result, business continuity is improved.

Technology Seed builds within Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365 and Amazon AWS. We design reliable and secure IT infrastructure. Moreover, our cloud server solutions are robust, expandable and cost-efficient. When we migrate a business to the cloud, our focus is on security and reliability. In short, we won’t sacrifice security or reliability. Both must work together to produce a transparent experience for your end users. Most importantly, we want IT that is resilient.

Our goal is to create infrastructure that works every time. We provide reliable access to your IT. We call this Business Continuity. For example, we design server “farms” to provide redundancy.  A server farm is a “group” of servers that function as one. Subsequently, this allows your users to work through an unplanned outage. In other words, if one cloud server fails, another takes its place. Microsoft Azure Remote Desktop (RDS) server farms are efficient. Further, they ensure that your users have a speedy experience regardless of how many users are logged on.

A complete cloud implementation can be built and tested alongside your current infrastructure. That is to say, transition time and user interruption is minimal.

Also, disaster recovery via cloud servers is fast and efficient. When built for redundancy, a cloud environment can recover from a total loss in minimal time.

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