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Cloud Strategy & Cloud Migration


Technology Seed has a very comprehensive cloud migration strategy for companies looking to move their business to the cloud using Office 365.

Our unique approach allows for access to your data from any device.

We’re a Microsoft SMB Tier 1 Cloud Champion and one of the most-efficient Office 365 integrators in the Northeast. Our solution allows you to move your data (files), email (including HIPAA-compliant encryption security), and communications, to cloud storage that is secure, always-on, accessible from any device, resilient to power failures, internet failures and equipment failures.

Our cloud migration solution includes the full suite of Microsoft Office Professional products, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft PowerPoint. And, you get the mobile editions for your tablet and smartphone as part of the package! You truly can use any modern device to read, edit and create documents. And your IT data is synchronized across all devices and all employees.

Use any device you’d like to access your company’s data securely. In the mood to use your iPad? Fine. Smartphone? Perfect. Mac? PC? It doesn’t matter. We’ll show you how to access your business data from any device, with any operating system, from any location.

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Offsite Server Backup / Remote Server Backup

Looking for Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity?

Unlimited, Remote Data Backup and Offsite Server Backup that meet the requirements of HIPAA compliant organizations.

Offsite server backup includes the ability to quick-spin-up a complete virtual server for business continuity and disaster recovery.

Technology Seed provides managed, encrypted Remote Data Backup and Offsite Server Backup services. Our backup services include all of the components required for effective disaster recovery and business continuity.

The Offsite Server Backup technologies we use meet the data encryption requirements of HIPAA compliant organizations.

Our Offsite Server Backup is unlimited (no data size restrictions) for a flat monthly fee.

The backup includes Microsoft Exchange Offsite Backup Agent, Microsoft SQL Remote Backup Agent as well as Active Directory / System State backup. We can offsite backup virtual servers (Hyper-V and VMWare), as well as physical servers. Offsite backups are brick-level, image based, or both. The cost is the same.

It is a comprehensive remote server backup package that also includes the ability to spin up a complete remote server in the cloud (quick-spin) for disaster recovery.

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