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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity


DISASTER RECOVERY HAS EVOLVED from a plan to recover the I.T. portions of your business after a “disaster” to Business Continuity. Business Continuity is keeping your business running through an outage or disaster.

Historically, Disaster Recovery (DR) was designed to mitigate long-term disasters. DR is now focused on working through short and long-term outages.

For example, if your primary business application is running on your in-house server, what happens if that server is down for 2 hours? Historically, you’d accept that you’re business app (EHR, MRP, CRM etc.) is down for 2 hours.

Two hours of downtime is no longer an acceptable expectation nor is it necessary. Business Continuity tools replicate your business applications to secondary servers (onsite or cloud-based). If the primary server goes down, the secondary server takes over in minutes, as opposed to hours.

Business Continuity: Your servers replicate every few minutes. A current copy of your data and business applications (EMR, EHR, MRP, CRM etc.) always exists in at least two locations. If the primary goes down, the secondary comes online to take its place.

And the best part . . . business continuity plans are EASY TO TEST. Testing is as simple as shutting down your primary business application, marking the replica as “live” and testing functionality. Literally, it’s that simple.

Disaster Recovery is no longer for “disasters” in the formal sense of the word. A well-thought-out, well-executed DR plan can provide business-continuity to keep your business running during even minor interruptions. Consider the benefits of working through a disaster as opposed to waiting for the recovery.

Technology Seed can help your business plan, implement and test a Business Continuity Plan to keep your business running.

Disaster Recovery

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