Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity: Resistance to Downtime

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity


Disaster Recovery (DR) has evolved into Business Continuity. While a tested path to recovery is important, a plan for business continuity is critical. Your business should be able to remain functional through an IT outage.

For example, if your primary business application is running on your in-house server, what happens if that server is down for 2 hours? Historically, you’d accept that you’re business apps (EHR, MRP, CRM etc.) are down for two hours.

Two hours of downtime is no longer an acceptable expectation, nor is it necessary. Cloud Servers run independent of your physical location and can be used to replicate your business applications to multiple servers. If the primary server goes down, the secondary server takes over in minutes, as opposed to hours. And that is business continuity.

Business Continuity: Servers are accessible regardless of the state of your physical location. Thoughtful planning and execution can provide your company resistance to downtime and outages. Our goal is to allow your organization to work-through unplanned IT problems.

And the best part . . . business continuity plans are EASY TO TEST. With a little forward thought, a well-planned test can be executed with no user-downtime.

Disaster Recovery is no longer for “disasters” in the formal sense of the word. A well-thought-out, well-executed DR plan can provide business-continuity to keep your business running during even minor interruptions. Consider the benefits of avoiding and working through a disaster as opposed to waiting for the recovery.

Technology Seed can help your business plan, implement and test a Business Continuity Plan to keep your business running through the worst IT outages. We specialize in Resistance to Downtime.

Do not accept downtime as a necessary part of business IT, and plan for Business Continuity.

Disaster Recovery

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