IT Cost Reduction

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IT Cost Reduction

Technology Seed understands and embraces I.T. efficiency. It’s what we do.

We manage I.T. more efficiently than our competitors which leads to IT Cost Reduction. Efficiency reduces the cost of I.T. and increases employee productivity.

We focus on EQUIPMENT, SOFTWARE, LABOR / AUTOMATION, STABILITY. We understand how these components work together to reduce IT costs.

When we rework your I.T. for efficiency, the end result is a leaner, more cost-effective I.T. department.


I.T. Infrastructure must be able to handle the task assigned to it. Over-utilization or under-utilization decreases IT efficiency. Our IT cost reduction analysis will suggest ways to improve equipment efficiency.


Businesses need software and apps. Part of IT cost reduction involves understanding your software requirements and verifying that you’re getting the most for your money. Software version control and licensing is complex. We’ll help you sort it out.


I.T. requires management, but how much? How much labor is required to manage 20 PCs? 100 PCs? Tools exist to automate much of the day-to-day requirements of network management. When properly configured and implemented, automation tools can drastically reduce the labor requirements of your network, yielding significant IT cost reduction.


An unstable network leads to lost productivity and unhappy employees. As part of our cost reduction audit we analyze what can be done to maximize up-time. When infrastructure and equipment is configured and maintained correctly, failure leading to downtime should be an exceedingly rare occurrence. There are ways to predict failures before they lead to downtime.

Why Technology Seed is so well-suited to improve I.T. efficiency.

Our ongoing effort to improve our own processes gives us the know-how to help other businesses identify the inefficiencies in their I.T. infrastructure.

Our internal process looks like this:


All 4 components of the plan carry equal weight. When we work on a Service Request we go through those 4 steps. Each iteration yields more efficiency. Projects that took days, now take hours. Tasks that took hours now take minutes. There are times that we increase efficiency to the point where future tasks require ZERO human intervention.

We can perform a IT cost reduction analysis of your information technology to reduce I.T.-related costs and reduce downtime.

IT Cost Reduction