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IT Cost Reduction

Technology Seed understands and embraces IT efficiency. It’s what we do.

We manage I.T. more efficiently than others. In turn, our efficiency is our path to IT Cost Reduction. Efficiency reduces the cost of IT. Likewise, efficiency increases employee productivity.

We focus on SECURITY, EQUIPMENT, SOFTWARE, and STABILITY. Above all, we understand how they work together to reduce IT costs and decrease downtime.

We will rework your IT for efficiency. As a result, you will have a leaner, cost-effective I.T. department.


We have a Security Team tasked with keeping our clients secure. As such, their research directs all of our CyberSecurity and IT efforts. This results in IT support that is secure and managed Cybersecurity is all they do. Their task is to protect your business.

Our security team protects you from:

  • Ransomware
  • Hacking
  • Intrusion
  • Theft
  • Social Engineering
  • Internal and External Threats


IT Infrastructure should exceed the needs of the task assigned to it. But, under-utilization decreases IT efficiency. Subsequently, our IT cost reduction analysis will suggest ways to improve efficiency. We recommend equipment that meets or exceeds current standards for IT Security and stability.


IT cost reduction involves understanding your software. So, we verify that you’re getting the most for your money. For example, software version control and licensing is complex. We’ll help you sort out licensing. Likewise, we’ll report on the status of your software including security concerns.


As part of our cost reduction audit we suggest ways to increase up-time. When IT equipment is configured and maintained correctly, downtime is rare. In other words, there are ways to predict failures before they lead to downtime. Moreover, business continuity means that your business will be functional during unexpected downtime.

Why Technology Seed is so well-suited to improve I.T. efficiency.

Our efforts to improve our own processes gives us the know-how to help your business identify IT inefficiencies.

Our internal process looks like this:


All 4 parts of the plan carry equal weight. When we work, we go through those 4 steps. Subsequently, each iteration yields more efficiency. In other words, projects that took days, now take hours. Tasks that took hours now take minutes. As a result, there are times that we increase efficiency to where future tasks require ZERO human involvement.

In short, you can spend less. We can perform a IT cost reduction analysis of your technology. Let us reduce I.T.-related costs and reduce downtime.

IT Cost Reduction