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Managed IT Support & Managed Network Support


Technology Seed is a dedicated company of NH IT Support professionals. We maintain IT for businesses throughout New England and the USA.


We provide Managed IT Support the “right” way. So, what does “right” mean to us?

  • “Right” IT isn’t the least expensive. It’s not the most expensive, either! We believe in using efficient methods to manage technology. Heck, we could teach IT cost reduction!
  • “Right” IT means avoiding recurring problems. Sometimes, things break. It’s unavoidable. However, when an issue arises, we fix it correctly. We value your time and ours. And we avoid repetitive “fixes.”
  • “Right” IT = Secure IT. Security drives the work we do. As such, we won’t sacrifice security for functionality. Your technology must be functional and secure.
  • “Right” IT means investing. We invest in training. We invest in our employees. Our team explores IT management tech that make our support secure and robust. All the while, we remain inquisitive.
  • “Right” IT means being proud of the work we do.


There are 5 distinct benefits to partnering with Technology Seed for your NH Managed IT Support needs:

1. We are true experts in our field. And we stay current.

2. Our professionalism and integrity are unmatched.

3. We are committed to our customers.

4. CyberSecurity drives the work we do.

5. The methods we use to minimize IT system failures and provide business continuity are effective & proven.


What can a Managed IT Support Customer Expect?


​Dedicated IT Team

  • Our company is broken into teams. You’ll have a small group that knows your company. So, you’ll get to know the technicians and they’ll get to know you. Those teams provide dedicated Help Desk and Remote / Onsite Support.

IT Security / Cybersecurity

Account Management

  • A dedicated Account Manager is assigned! They will assist with Procurement, Life Cycle Management and IT Reporting.

IT Automation / Monitoring

  • We use modern tools to manage our customers’ IT systems. We provide Patch Management, Infrastructure Monitoring / Alerting, and System Updates, among other services. Additionally, ongoing security monitoring is available to those customers that need granular alerting of system changes.

Business Continuity

  • Technology Seed provides Business Continuity solutions that afford the quickest recovery of your IT. We keep your business running through unplanned downtime.


Work with IT folks that care about your success.
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