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Minimized Downtime, Security Driven IT Management

Managed IT Support & Managed Network Support

Technology Seed is a dedicated company of responsible NH IT Support professionals that maintain IT for businesses throughout New England and the USA.

We pride ourselves on providing Managed IT Support the “right” way, every time. What does “right” mean to us?

“Right” IT isn’t always the least expensive IT. Of course, it doesn’t need to be the most expensive, either. We believe in using the most efficient and accepted practices to manage technology. As such, we could teach a course on IT cost reduction!

“Right” IT means striving to avoid addressing the same problem twice. Sometimes, things break. It’s unavoidable. However, when an issue needs addressing, we do our best to fix it correct, long-term. Repetitive solutions are a waste of time. We value your time and ours.

“Right” IT =Secure IT. Security standards drive the work we do. We won’t sacrifice security for functionality. Your technology needs to be functional and secure.

“Right” IT means investing. We invest in training and invest in our employees. Our team explores new IT management technologies that make our support more secure and robust. And we stay ahead of the curve by remaining competitive and inquisitive.

“Right” IT means being proud of the work we do for our customers.

There are 4 distinct benefits to partnering with Technology Seed for your NH Managed IT Support need:

1. We are true experts in our field and we stay current.

2. Our customer service, professionalism and integrity are unmatched.

3. We are committed to our customers and their Information Technology.

4. CyberSecurity drives the work we do. All of our IT is based upon a foundation of IT security.

The methods we use to minimize IT System failures and provide business continuity are effective, reliable & proven.

We provide complete NH Managed IT Services and NH Managed Network Support on a fixed monthly fee. Because we’re paid a fixed-fee, we’re motivated to prevent IT problems, not profit from them.

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CAP YOUR COSTS – Managed IT Support

Technology Seed manages your network in a way that allows us to CAP YOUR COSTS so you’ll know exactly what you’ll spend on IT Support month over month.

We limit your exposure to IT problems. We do this by installing effective IT equipment, and maintaining your infrastructure with skill, technology and security. Regardless of how many calls we get, or how many hours we spend, you’ll get the same invoice each month.

CAP YOUR COSTS requires us to minimize IT-related downtime. Less downtime is better for your business and our business. It is to our advantage to maintain a very smooth running network. If we spend more time than we agreed upon, it costs us money – we don’t bill for the additional time.

We create IT systems that work for us. Our Network Policies and Security Policies help us limit the potential for problems.

What can you expect as a Managed CAP YOUR COSTS Customer?


  • In-House Help Desk
  • Remote/Onsite Support


  • Data/Hardware/Software Security
  • Email / Email Security
  • Ongoing Security Review


  • Hardware/Software Procurement
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Reporting


  • Patch Management
  • Infrastructure Monitoring / Alerting


  • We will recommend a business continuity and backup solution that affords the quickest recovery for your IT data and while keeping your business running through unplanned downtime.

We deal with issues before we’re forced to.

We will support your users, your equipment, and your technologies for a flat fee each month. Regardless of how many calls we get from your company, regardless of how many hours we actually spend onsite or remotely, we won’t invoice over the agreed upon number of hours. You’ll know exactly what your bill will be each month.


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Managed IT Support