NH Charter School CyberSecurity Assessment

Minimum Standards for Privacy and Security of Student and Employee Data

NH Charter School CyberSecurity Assessment and Standards

Minimum Standards for Privacy and Security of Student and Employee Data


New Hampshire Dept. of Ed. has a document advising NH schools to secure their student data. Subsequently, many of their guidelines are “Best Practices” for any IT system. That is to say, schools that keep up with modern cybersecurity may be compliant already. In short, none of the recommendations are difficult to meet. Of course, we can guide your school with a cybersecurity audit.

For example, NH schools are advised to consider the following.

TSeed has a security team dedicated to Cybersecurity Assessment.

Of course, it’s all they do. For example, they specialize in NH School Cybersecurity Auditing. As such, we perform penetration tests (PenTests), threat scanning and detection. Likewise, we offer remediation, policy scripting, and security log review. Moreover, long-term, security planning is the goal.

So, how do you know how safe your technology environment is?

First, has it been tested by a unbiased third-party? Second, if you were hacked, could you prove that your school follows modern security standards? Further, do you have documented testing? In addition, do you take an active role in IT?


We provide meaningful cyber-security auditing. Moreover, our comprehensive reporting outlines where IT improvements are required. Above all, we can advise how to improve your security posture. And, we’ll help you meet modern standards.

You should consider a regular security audit of your IT systems. In short, as a modern school, it’s imperative that you verify, test, remediate and maintain.


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