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Onsite I.T. Staffing Resources

Technology Seed is not a recruiter.

We don’t “find” personnel to place at businesses. Instead, we offer our own seasoned, trained employees to be dedicated to onsite I.T. staffing positions. We can provide long term or short term onsite I.T. staffing personnel to fill temporary voids in your organization.

We have an extremely talented pool of IT technicians and network engineers under our roof. Network engineers, system admins, helpdesk, security etc. If your company needs to fill a temporary gap in your I.T. department, we can provide onsite I.T. staffing (onsite or remote) to support your I.T. needs.

Project Staffing

Technology Seed can provide onsite I.T. staffing or remote staffing and resources dedicated to a particular project that your company is working on.

Need an extra employee for an Office 365 migration? Moving your servers to the cloud and you’d like some hands-on support during the transition? More than likely, we have employees that have gone through the exact project you’re working on. We can provide a temporary, dedicated expert for these types of projects.

Temporary Coverage

We have onsite I.T. staffing available to cover vacations, leaves of absence, maternity / paternity leaves, unexpected sick-time or any situation where you find yourself short-handed. Our technicians are exceedingly well-rounded and can step into most roles with little to no training. We employ experts from all facets of IT, including helpdesk, networking engineering, system admin. Let us know what type of IT staff coverage you need.

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